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We are Creature Cauldron. An independent video game development studio.
Cooking up fun and creative video games

Meet the team!

Ant Portrait New.png

Anthony Enright

Game Designer, Artist, Developer


Serial indie game developer and Twitch streamer. Anthony (aka Windybeard) has released many commercial video games culminating in several successful indie games including Galactic Mining Corp and Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde
Anthony brings to the Cauldron a wealth of experience from the indie games scene, a love of the absurd and a passion for intricate and rewarding game play system.


Nate Portrait New.png

Nathan Buckley

Programming, Design, Developer

Programmer, friend and failed actor (don't ask). Nathan will be implementing all the crazy systems and creatures the cauldron brews up, bringing experience from Indie to AAA to the pot. He is also keen on growing his design skills along with tippy tapping on his keyboard. He loves dogs, video games, and horror.



Sonic Alchemist

Strap in, tune up, and get ready to have your ears delighted by the masterful sonic alchemist himself. This isn't your grandma's elevator music. DJ, sound track designer, and accidental time traveller, Injekted has crafted original soundtracks for numerous indie games, earning a reputation for creating immersive and dynamic audio landscapes. Smash Shack appreciation society founding member, frequent herbal essence lounge patron & occasional vanilla extract pipette user.

Peet Cooper

We say goodbye to Peet Cooper who was a co-founder of Creature Cauldron. He's moved on to do great things with his own studio Millions of Monsters! He has funding for an ambitious and awesome first game! Check the game out and more over at Millions Of Monsters website. He left with the Fenora and Battle Fishing Masters IP so keep an eye on Millions of Monsters if you want to see what he does with those in the future! We wish Peet Cooper all the best and thank him for his amazing artistic talents.

Gone but not forgotten...

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