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We are Creature Cauldron. An independent video game development studio.
Cooking up fun and creative video games

Meet the team!

Peet Dog.jpg

After 18 years of mostly AAA development, Peet decided its time to go indie. As as an art/design/creative generalist, he has contributed to over 20 commercial games. He also loves building teams to do game jams with. Peet is a passionate gamer and game collector with every major console and thousands of games going way back to the Atari 2600. A philanthropist at heart, Peet co-founded a non-profit organization called Gamers for Good that focuses on bringing charity opportunities to gamers and adding charity aspects to games.

Spicy Blacksmith

Peet Cooper


Serial indie game releaser and Twitch streamer. Anthony (aka Windybeard) has released 7 commercial video games over 8 years culminating in the indie success of Galactic Mining Corp.
Anthony brings to the Cauldron a wealth of experience from the indie games scene, a love of the absurd and a passion for intricate and rewarding game play system.
Having worn all hats for many years Anthony is now focusing on systems/game design, animation and pursuing the intricate arts of VFX and motion graphics.

Anthony Enright

Dodgy Generalist


Programmer, friend and failed actor (don't ask). Nathan will be implementing all the crazy systems and creatures the cauldron brews up, bringing experience from Indie to AAA to the pot. Along with tippy tapping on his keyboard, he is also keen on growing his design skills. He loves dogs, ferrets and horror - and hopes to bring something spooky to the cauldron.

Nathan Buckley

The Beep-Boop Man

Favourite Games
Beyond Good and Evil
Yokus Island
Ratchet and Clank Future:CIT
Advanced Wars DS
Jet Grind Radio Future
X-Morph Defense
Skies of Arcadia
Borderlands 2
Hollow Knight
Tail Concerto

Favourite Games
Dark Cloud 2
Viva Pinata
Everquest 1
Zelda Wind Waker
Beautiful Katamari
Hyrule Warriors (Original)
World of Warcraft
Banjo Kazooie
Paper Mario 1000 Year Door
Yoshi Island

Favourite Games
Fallout 2 / Fallout New Vegas
Mass Effect 2
Monkey Island
Crusader Kings 3
Alien Isolation
Fran Bow
Star Wars: Knights of the old republic
Little Nightmares
Day of the Tentacle
Bioshock Infinite

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